The Medieval Art of Ceramics and Tarots in Viterbo
Artists and Artisans

The Medieval Art of Ceramics and Tarots in Viterbo

The noble art of ceramics in Viterbo has deep roots in the Middle Ages, and it is still possible to create beautiful pottery using those ancient techniques.
The ancient workings require time, patience, and somehow slowness. In a world where everything spins fast, even art can be contaminated by rush, but the ancient traditions have the power to sweeten the creative moment, making it immersive and more profound.
The Middle Ages are also obscurity, mystery, occultism, and esotericism, and Cinzia Chiulli, a local artist, manages to portray that era in her ceramics, also drawing on the world of Tarot cards.

Giulia Marchetti Human Connections
Italy Experienced by Americans

An American Living in Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia, Italy

Roy Heffner had a career in computer science and founded his company in New York and then Chicago. He moved to Italy (his wife’s country) when he retired. He offers us an insight into the Italian way of life and invites Americans to visit Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia, the small village he likes to call “The Real Italy”.

Tuscia Wonderland

The Fairytale Villages in Central Italy at Christmas Time

Each village is a small natural nativity scene Italy is a relatively small country but boasts thousands and thousands of little villages mostly with medieval origins. Some of these hamlets are real architectural and artistic gems with their castles, magnificent palaces and untouched boundary walls. Other villages are more modest and almost forgotten, but they …

Free Thoughts

Ways to Build a Network of Friendships All Around the World

In any destination your eyes will be delighted by beauty, your brain by discovery, your palate by new tastes but all these senses will be disconnected as soon as you get back home. Only your soul will be connected lifelong because it is delighted by human connections, and anytime you can develop them strongly, you can be sure that a little piece of your heart will belong to your destination forever.

Tuscia Wonderland

The Park of the Monsters of Bomarzo (Italy)

A surreal Sacred Wood that fulfills the delusional style of Salvador Dalì Imagine being in Italy, in the heart of the Etruscan land called Tuscia. Imagine being in Bomarzo, a small town perched on a rocky hill with its impressive castle. Imagine being attracted by this green valley that as a natural amphitheater surrounds a …

Painting Alaskan Flowers

Creating Human Connections Through a Simple Painting

Fairbanks Alaska
Creating Human Connections through a simple painting
Idea by Adela Jackson and Giulia Marchetti
Mixing up colors and hands, making the brushstrokes confused on the canvas in order to become a single author.
Forget Me Not, flower symbol of Alaska, and many other flower shapes free themselves to compose the picture. A dancing ray of sun on the upper-left draws the word joy to remind us to love life. A butterfly symbolized our lives.

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