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Tuscia Wonderland

Discover the Art of Fine Dining on Lago di Vico with Chef Andrea Fanti

Does your desire to travel and find the best culinary experiences push you more and more to hidden places? Then Croma Lago situated on the shores of Lago di Vico (Lake Vico), is the perfect restaurant for you!  In the heart of Tuscia, 60 km (37 miles) from Rome, this restaurant and stunning view will fill you …

Tuscia in Fiore
Tuscia Wonderland

Countdown to Tuscia in FioreTuscia in Fiore: Best-Kept Secret in Italy

Spring is one of the best seasons to visit Italy and if this destination is on your bucket list, don’t miss the first edition of Tuscia in Fiore, the flower festival that will be held in April in some pretty villages in the province of Viterbo. Tuscia in Fiore is an annual festival that involves …

Giulia Marchetti with Vittoria Tassoni
Tuscia Wonderland

Nonna’s Love: Meet Food Blogger, Vittoria Tassoni

Since ancient times Carnival has represented a time of freedom, excitement, disguise, and transgression, in which every sin is admitted until the beginning of Lent, that is the forty days of fasting, purification, and penance that precede Easter. Carnival is therefore also the time to take advantage of committing sins of gluttony, such as eating …

Giulia Marchetti Human Connections
Tuscia Wonderland

Who Is The Character Behind The Etruscan Pyramid Of Bomarzo?

The story you don’t expect about the discovery of the Etruscan Pyramid Salvatore Fosci is a truly extraordinary character. He is an almost mystical figure whom it is easy to come across when you set out in the woods of Bomarzo to discover the Etruscan Pyramid. Everyone knows Salvatore Fosci, who for years has been …

Roccalvecce, Costaguti Castle
Tuscia Wonderland

Top 5 Experiences that Fill Your Heart in Roccalvecce, Italy

Roccalvecce, in central Italy, is one of the best destinations to come across experiences that can capture your heart and elevate your spirit. It is a centuries-old village where you can encounter history and traditions, breathing the healthy oxygen of its unspoiled nature.    It is the ideal destination to practice meditation and soul purification. …

Tuscia Wonderland

The Fairytale Villages in Central Italy at Christmas Time

Each village is a small natural nativity scene Italy is a relatively small country but boasts thousands and thousands of little villages mostly with medieval origins. Some of these hamlets are real architectural and artistic gems with their castles, magnificent palaces and untouched boundary walls. Other villages are more modest and almost forgotten, but they …

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