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Painting Alaskan Flowers

Creating Human Connections Through a Simple Painting

Fairbanks Alaska
Creating Human Connections through a simple painting
Idea by Adela Jackson and Giulia Marchetti
Mixing up colors and hands, making the brushstrokes confused on the canvas in order to become a single author.
Forget Me Not, flower symbol of Alaska, and many other flower shapes free themselves to compose the picture. A dancing ray of sun on the upper-left draws the word joy to remind us to love life. A butterfly symbolized our lives.


The Infinite Power Behind a Question

A true and compelling story of two women who met by chance through the Internet and found themselves involved in a lot of amazing experiences that shared together between Italy and Australia. A story of deep friendship that, despite the long-distance, has been growing up stronger and stronger. A compelling story that could easily be a trace for a novel or a movie.

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