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I am Giulia Marchetti (pronounced Julia Marketti in English) founder and President of the Italian Human Connections (IHC), an Association which aims to create exchanges of relationships, friendships, and human connections all around the world.

I am Italian and I have a Master’s Degree in Science of Communication. I have many passions, such as traveling, reading, practicing sport, yoga, and meditation. Every day I swim from 7:00 to 8:00 am and dedicate at least a few minutes to thank the Universe for my new day and for all the possibilities it will bring me. I love creating human connections, and I think that writing is another great way to connect people around the world.

This is the reason why I had the idea of starting this blog in early 2020. And then the pandemic blocked me at home and did the rest.

I mean, that I reacted positively to this event and took the opportunity to turn this crisis into a possibility. Since then this blog has grown a lot, and I am working with new ideas and the support of the IHC to become the hub of human connections between locals of my area and people all over the world.

I am also a contributing editor for Live in Italy Magazine, an online magazine based in Miami: “An experiential lifestyle news site dedicated to anyone who has or will make Italy their home away from home”.

But if you want to discover more, please keep reading.

A Bit of My Story

I live in Italy, more precisely in Tuscia, a beautiful area located between Rome and lower Tuscany.  At first, I had the idea of opening this space on the Internet to share with you the stories of human connections I have been lucky enough to experience all over the world by meeting wonderful people. Each person taught me something, opening up new mental horizons and enriching me as a person. Some people are just a beautiful memory, while others have become dear friends and we are constantly in touch. One day I got the feeling that the stories I lived with them had to be told and shared in order to exist again. At the same time, I wanted to prevent them from fading away. With the permission of every single person, I started writing the articles you find in this blog.

Then, I developed the idea to also talk about my country to share content that could intrigue you and make you want to come and visit Tuscia, and create your own human connections here. After all, this is what I have always done with people I have met on my travels, and particularly in the USA. Each time, I loved inviting them to my area to make them discover the real Italy. I mean, the part of Italy a bit off the main tourist routes. And you know what? They were all fascinated by the idea of coming to visit Tuscia and meeting me again that they started coming once, twice three times… 

How amazing! By embracing my travel style, the people I invite to join me can live in Tuscia like a local, enjoy the community, and make new Italian friends.

That’s all due to the fact that a long time ago, I decided to change my travel style, prioritizing human connections since the beginning of my destination planning (see my article The Heritage of a Travel).  I gave up on hotels, B&Bs, or other ordinary accommodations, preferring private homes in order to live like a local. But I never had to give up my privacy and comfort with the benefit of having the feeling of being part of a new country and new culture. The richness I received from this different way of travel is huge, as it is made up of values, teachings, love, and connections.

Now I have the desire to offer even more through my blog because my experiences of human connection have taken me even further. With the support of some friends, I managed to found the ITALIAN HUMAN CONNECTIONS (IHC) association which aims to involve more and more people in this system of connections.

We are willing to offer help to design trips for anyone interested in coming to Tuscia to discover the culture, traditions, and beauty of my land, privileging the power of human connections.

If you want to start your first Human Connection in Tuscia or be part of IHC, contact me at, and I will be more than happy to welcome you.


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