Why do I write in English?

Hi there!

Maybe you are asking yourself why I am publishing in English, and only in English. And that’s a good question!

It would be much easier for me to write in Italian. I could play with words in a compelling search for the perfect writing style. It would be fulfilling to tell stories, helped by the linguistic freedom that only my own language can give me.

So, why do I write in English? Because I love English!

So, maybe there is no need to add more, but I’ve many other reasons and I want to share them with you.

I have never lived abroad, at least no more than one month from time to time. I’ve never attended an English course, apart from the short one in Ireland. I’ve never had the need to get an English certificate for work. But I’ve always had a passion! A passion for learning English!

But there is a precise instant when I decided to commit to this goal. I can perfectly remember when, one day in Sevilla, trying to have a kind of English conversation with a German guy, I felt absolutely helpless and frustrated. I felt disconnected from the world and insecure. At that very moment, I had a thought: “I want to study English”. And that’s what I started doing since then and I never gave up.

English is apparently an easy language, but only at the beginning. But then, to take other steps forward gets more and more difficult. Prepositions, phrasal verbs, idiomatic sentences are almost impossible to accomplish, but here is where the best learning part starts.  It’s always a challenge, and to conquer up another level is an amazing emotion.  Yes, emotion! This the second key after passion. When you accomplish something, you are giving the best gift to yourself. Yes, you have to invest time, fatigue but remember, the investment you do on yourself is the only one on this earth that can gives you only profits, no failures. And it improves your self-esteem, too.

But, let’s come to another marvelous point. I think that books have always been saving my life. To read and concentrate on subjects chase away bad spirits from my mind. An in fact, when we are suffering, because of a loss, a broken heart or simply for solitude, we have to get rid of sad thoughts, giving our mind something else to play with. To study, follow a passion, set a goal, help to soothe our mind, and are all part of a healing process.

To commit to writing in English is an essential part of my goal to get mine this beautiful language,  and most importantly, this gives me the power to communicate with you!

And last but not least, the English language is a big creator of Human Connections!

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