When did you give up dancing? When did you give up singing, dreaming, playing with your fantasy and telling stories? When did you lose your inner child to become an adult sometimes fully deprived of these light-hearted functions? When did you start feeling disconnected from the rest of the world around you, letting the loneliness gain day by day more space inside your heart?

We are billions of people on this earth, but the more the population increases, the more each person feels isolated from other human beings, self-concentrated on one’s own life and afraid to fully open one’s heart to friendship and love.

Maybe, disappointing relationships with other people we have been experiencing throughout our life contributes to turning off our light-hearted “childhood functions”, changing our mentality and our vision about life. We have become greyer and seldom do we have a blast and burst into healthy laughs.

Yes, we know. Many people can be nasty and hostile, and unfortunately, we got hurt many times in our life due to the interactions with negative people. Moreover, every day we are overwhelmed by bad news while good actions people take are rarely reported. For this reason, we tend to think that the world is infected by racism and hate. But I believe that generous, kind and honest people are more numerous than negative ones, but they are silent, they don’t make noise, don’t capture our attention.

We could complain that personally, often we have been betrayed even by people we loved the most. But we shouldn’t allow them to win, we shouldn’t dwell on sad thoughts about our past painful experiences. Forgiveness, compassion, and love are the only keys the universe provides us to overcome delusions and sorrow in order to build a new fresh trust in ourselves and others.

Laughing is wonderful! And think about it, only mad people laugh on their own. We need connections, we need friendship, we need other people to also enjoy the power of a laugh.

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A quote by Chris McCandless, the young boy who died in Alaska and became famous thanks to Sean Pen’s movie Into the Wild, says: “Happiness is only when shared”. After living for many months, completely isolated from the rest of the world, he wrote this line while he was dying. Enlightened by his personal experience he left us a message, a pearl of wisdom to understand the sense of our life.

So my friends, when did you give up dancing, singing, dreaming, playing, telling stories? Can you catch up with your inner child and activate again its light-hearted functions? I am sure you too have a pearl of wisdom or a beautiful story of Human Connections to share. A valuable experience you had in your life and that deserves to be told. Don’t keep your story hidden in your own memory. Let it be useful for others.

That’s just what I am trying to do with this blog. I created it to exalt marvelous people and the good relationships that we can build with them and with the entire world. I want to give my little contribution to defeating distrust in others, fear, and loneliness. And even if only one reader will get these benefits from my tellings, it’s worth writing!

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