The power of human beings to adapt to changes is quite amazing. To stay away from the crowd and keep the distance with other people is becoming a natural habit such as washing our hands properly and wearing a mask in public situations. Behaviors that just a few months ago were unimaginable now are routine. That must have something to do with the survival of our species, I mean as human beings. Over the centuries we passed through many challenges and any time we overcame them developing our genius to create strategies and solutions that, at the same time, brought progress and new opportunities. This consideration leads to an equation: the crisis of the system is equal to progress. If we apply this formula to our lives we get the same result. That sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

So, let’s test our lives to see if our genius is working in these difficult days of Coronavirus? And if it doesn’t, let’s ask ourselves why.

Just like me, many other people all around the world are experiencing the lockdown and government restrictions that require us to stay at home. I have been spending my recent days at home and my power to adapt to this situation is fully working. I feel blessed by my reaction because I am already counting the tricks my mind created to live well during this period of isolation. And I can tell you more, my positive reaction comes naturally to me because I know that I have no other alternative to have a pleasant life in an unpleasant moment.

Some might argue that it’s easy to have positive thoughts if you don’t have loved ones with Coronavirus or you are not passing through mourning. Yes, that’s another case. A terrible case and I am close to these people with all my heart and in my prayers and, meanwhile, I stay away from the world to protect myself and others, finding a way to live my life without thinking about bad news or constraints. Because believe me, we are free until we allow limitations to take control of our thoughts.

So, let’s do an experiment! The law says we have to stay at home, to respect the law is normal, to stay home becomes logical and limitations disappear. And without limitations we are free. Wow, that’s awesome!

The next step is to think about how to spend this freedom without missing the opportunity to take the best from it. A list would help us to focus on things we would like to do, learn and live in this frame of particular freedom. Things that we couldn’t do in our ordinary life before Coronavirus. And here the genius comes!  We have already found a way to be free and we have turned the period of crisis into an opportunity!

The Internet can be the main tool we can rely on to put into practice our list: to pursue a passion, cultivate curiosity, learn new skills or subjects, create, cooking, do something with our family and so on. Oh my goodness, an endless list! We could even start feeling overwhelmed by the opportunities this life at home is giving us. 

Now you are on the right path and I’m sure you can understand why I said I feel blessed by the tricks my mind created to live well this period of isolation. We have so many things to do and learn that we should do a list every day before going to bed. A sort of resolution for the next day, something we want to commit to. The day after we can check out our list as soon as we jump out of the bed, and after a healthy breakfast, we start our day. Before going to bed we could spend a few minutes reviewing our day and reward ourselves for the results we got, do another list for the day after, and so on. It’s a powerful circuit to live and not survive when the world outside seems to be falling apart because of a virus. We must be grateful for our life, and even if we don’t know what will happen in the future, we have to stay positive without missing the opportunity to live every day as a special day. We are grateful to the people who are working out there to allow us to live safe at home. Solidarity has already won against this virus and never like in this moment we are experiencing the power of Human Connections.

When the world has overcome also this challenge we will start to enjoy the benefits left by the crisis: peace and solidarity among nations, the advancement of medical and scientific research and hopefully, a new economic boom.

And probably, we will have learned new skills, reflected on our lives, set new goals and, the last but not least,  we will have had the time to nourish our hearts and enhance our minds to start a new life with a better spirit.

Let’s stay at home, activate our genius and make the best of this moment, conscious that the positive way we are reacting now will be rewarded in the future when this difficult time is over.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

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  1. The Time we are living is a special time, full of opportunities. It’s up to us trying to get as much as we can. I totally agree with you Giulia, we have to live every day as a special one. It is not resilience what we need, but rebirth. We do have to rebirth by appreciating every single thing we have and feel lucky and blessed, as you say.
    I am sure that after all what it will come, we will be stronger, able to face new challenges that surely will come. So let’s make our days full of moments that make us feel good. Difficulties make human beings stronger, that’s why we will be better after such a difficult and dangerous time. We will live better.

    1. Doriana, I love discovering that you are so aligned with my thought and I thank you for contributing to add new interesting considerations. Life is always a challenge and the more we cope with difficult times the more we get strong. And behind any challenge, there is always an opportunity, so better grab it!

  2. It is nice to know that there is such a special person like you on this wonderful world.
    I will fallow you all the times you will write something. Please never stop.

    1. Antonio, your beautiful comment touched my heart. Your wonderful words are just what I need to be encouraged to write and keep sharing true stories about human connections. You are a very sensitive person, and I need readers just like you in order to do every day better and better, and grow up my project. Thank you for supporting and motivating me.

      1. Dear Giulia
        I have just finished reading your wonderful experience on the Chicago Café with an unexpected knowledge of two wonderful people. Sometimes such a short and pleasant meetings gives us nice memories that we remember for the eternity.
        That is true life….
        Keep writting for yourself and for those like me that have the honor and pleasure to read your stories.

        1. Dear Antonio,
          every remarkable experience with other people offers us a beautiful life lesson that contributes to enriching our personalities and our visions of life. But, I feel completely fulfilled only when I can share with other people the power of my personal experience in the hope of continuing to transfer what I received. For instance, I hope that my theory about racism elaborated through this real story can reach others, making them reflect a little on the power and benefits of a free mind and an open heart.
          Thank you so much for reading my stories, it motivates me to keep writing.

  3. Dear Giullia, thank you for your positive perception of the current situation. I share it. Even though my business profit has dropped to zero, I welcome this “time-out” when we simply must stay at home and “fortunately” have no other chance. I believe it is offering us the precious time to stop, think and return to what´s really important in our lives. Many of us have to economise – a thing that we all have been afraid of – and yet, now when being in that situation – I feel so happy, because despite the lack of money, I can focus on what matters the most – my life, my family, my time… and I can use it to study, read and build new friendships. Also I am impressed by all the solidarity I see around. I absolutely share your feeling that this crises equals progress. Perhaps not an economic one – but our own, spiritual one – and this will necessarily bring something positive in all parts of our lives. That is why I am not afraid. Actually, I feel blessed. Let´s stay healthy and conscious. XO

    1. Dear Alžběta,
      I love your comment and the positive approach you are showing in this difficult moment. We don’t have other choice but focusing on important values we are living and that we are reinforcing right now. Yes, we have many difficulties and a feeling of uncertainty towards the future, but we also have the capability to react with propositive thoughts that are the key to overcome this crisis.
      Love and Solidarity are already helping us.
      Let’s stay safe, healthy and propositive.

  4. Greeting from New York! One difficult situation in a crowded city where many strangers have to live in one household because housing is so limited is: what if your roommate becomes sick. Most of the people in NY can’t get tested if they are not critically ill. I have one roommate. so far we are both okay, but I keep thinking what if one of us gets sick? We live in such a tight space, we come into contact with so many things we share together that quarantine is almost impossible. My friend in San Francisco lives with 7 other roommates and they all had the virus and luckily they all survived. This virus is not only a test of our solidarity but also our humanity. Suddenly, we find big ethical questions in everyday humdrum chore, wiping down the toilet seat, cleaning the frigid handle, taking out the garbage. . .

    1. Haisi, thank you so much for your comment so explicative and clear about the problem of sharing spaces and things in the same home with other people. I really thank you for describing so well this kind of critical situation so that other readers can know it and realize that is a blessing at this moment to live alone, or just with our family. I can deeply understand that living in wonderful big cities like New York or San Francisco is not a privilege in these times. Actually, it’s quite challenging because staying safe and isolated from other people can be almost impossible even at home. Coronavirus has changed any single action we take on our daily life and even touching handles or shared things, needs precautions and cleaning to protect ourselves and others. Suddenly, solidarity and mutual support, especially within a group of people who share the same space, have become essential to succeed against this virus until this awful moment is over.
      Stay safe, stay healthy!

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