Laughing is a beautiful universal language and it needs no translations.

Laughing is a reciprocal exchange of joy, it is a blast of sudden happiness, it is a storm of emotions.

Laughing is contagious!

Laughing is emotional but also physical, cheers up our souls and speeds up our heartbeats

Laughing is therapeutic, regenerative, saving.

Laughing is a basic human need.

Laughing adds more years to our life and more life to our years.

Laughing makes us more beautiful, more sociable, more appreciable, more human.

Laughing makes us fight adversities, defeat problems, overcome difficulties.

Laughing sticks us together.

Laughing unleashes love and joy.

Laughing increases hopes, optimism and trust.

Laughing enhances our inner state, our world vision, our relationship with others.

Laughing puts us in tune with others.

Laughing turns an enemy into a friend, a friend into a best friend.

Laughing prevents hostility and promotes peace.

Lastly, laughing empowers all the human virtues, but it is possible to laugh only when we are in the company of others.

Therefore, laughing is also a noble art that creates Human Connections!

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